7 Amazon Facts That Show Where eCommerce is Headed in the Future


Amazon is a tech giant. Together with Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft, it’s one of the pillars of the American tech economy. But it wasn’t always that way.


Amazon started selling books and small items on the internet when most people around the world didn’t even know the internet existed. Now, more than 25 years later, Amazon is an empire.


The founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, took some serious risks over the years. He wasn’t afraid to make bold moves.


In this article, you will learn seven facts about Amazon. Read on to learn more!


Amazon employs over a million workers


You can’t be a trillion-dollar company with five employees, can you? It takes quite a staff to get to this point.


Back in 1995, the company only had 11 employees. Today, they have 750,000 people working. The entire country of Montenegro has fewer citizens than Amazon has real-live employees.


Inside the warehouses, there are over 100,000 robots working for the company too. It has been reported that over 6,000 dogs come to work with their owners every day as well.


Amazon Prime Air plans to use drones to deliver packages


One of the most important plans Jeff Bezos is trying to implement in the working model of the company is drone delivery. The bold move called Amazon Prime Air plans to deliver orders through the air with drones.


What they’re planning to do is provide fast delivery. When customers order something, the product will arrive as quickly as possible.


This plan will allow drones to safely deliver goods weighing up to five pounds. How is it going to work? When a person buys something and is close enough to the warehouse, their order will be delivered in no more than 30 minutes. However, the drones will only be able to deliver within a 10-mile radius.


AI-backed self-driving cars will change the roads


Amazon is not the only company investing in and trying to make self-driving cars a reality. But, the company has already invested $560 million in a Silicon Valley company called Aurora.


Aurora is currently working on the development of an autonomous vehicle that will be able to drive the streets of America and transport people and goods from one place to another without a driver.


AI-based software will drive these vehicles, making decisions just like a regular driver. The difference between a computer, and a human driver, however, is that AI software won’t make a mistake based on feelings or bad judgment.


Amazon bought 100,000 electric vans to reduce pollution


Another critical issue Jeff Bezos obviously likes to take care of is pollution. In September 2019, Amazon announced the acquisition of 100,000 electric vans from the new company Rivian.


Some countries around the world are banning petrol-driven vehicles entirely. Others are providing subsidies for people who buy electric cars. In general, the world is preparing for electric traffic. This is just one step towards solving the pollution problem.


Amazon is just following the trends in taking care of the planet.


Cashless and cardless shopping is the new norm


Image Credit: Pixabay

Amazon Go is an app that shoppers can download and scan on their way into the special Amazon store. It has revolutionized the way people shop.


This store that the company opened is made for people to get inside and shop without facing any obstacles. There’s no need to wait in line, register, or physically pay for anything.


What’s the catch? The store is equipped with technology. There are cameras everywhere to control the products and make a smoother and more precise payment process through the app.


When a customer is finished shopping, they can just leave the store without doing anything special. The sensors have already registered what they picked up and have automatically charged the items. The app does all the work.


Customers can even buy fresh groceries without leaving home


In today’s world, you can buy almost anything online. Food is no exception


Amazon Fresh was launched in 2017 in many different states and a few countries around Europe. The launch was not as successful as the company anticipated, since customers are still concerned about getting fresh foods over the internet. Still, this service has great potential, and will become even more standard in the future.


Homes are becoming “smarter”


According to Amazon statistics, the Echo smart speaker was one of the company’s most-sold products last year. Americans love smart speakers, and they consider the one from Amazon to be among the best. The Swedish firm Berg Insight says that by 2022, around 63 million American homes will be considered smart.


What does this mean? Smart speakers are not just gadgets that play music or share information, they also can control appliances around the house.


If we take a look at the stats and who’s winning the voice control wars, or the battle of the smart speakers, we can see that Amazon is in the lead. In 2018, Amazon had 61.9% of the market while Google had 26.9%. It seems like Amazon is the one making the biggest change in the field of voice search and smart home systems.


Amazon’s Echo can do almost anything you can think of. It is capable of hearing your voice even if there’s background noise. It can also provide answers and listen to demands.


You can ask the speaker to order you something online without even opening your wallet.


Final thoughts


It’s clear that the world of business has changed in the last couple of decades.


The world of eCommerce is also changing. Amazon seems to be in the lead, providing new technological breakthroughs. Predictions say that by 2023, over 90% of the US population will be eligible to shop online and will have done it at least once. Moreover, by 2050, it is predicted that 95% of global trade will happen via the internet. Retail stores, as we know them now, will become things of the past.