effective startup marketing campagin

If you own a startup, you will understand that feeling that comes with having a product or service that you just can’t wait for people to know about and buy. But that will not be possible if you don’t do an effective startup marketing campaign.

Now you are probably asking how.

The most important step is for you to believe in your startup and what you are selling. That is the foundation you need if you really wish to make your startup marketing campaigns effective. If you don’t believe in what you are selling, how then do you expect someone else to believe in it enough to buy it?

An effective startup marketing campaign is not about trying everything out there, it’s about trying the ones that suit you and even knowing how to use them.

effective startup marketing campagin, strategies

Strategy is king in this business and I will show you a few foolproof and proven strategies below:

  1. Do Some Good Old Personal Marketing

Before we had the internet and websites and Facebook and all this technology, business thrived and marketing soared on the wings of social capital. Guess what? It still works today.

Loners often find it difficult making it in business unless they are in partnership with someone who isn’t a loner. It is an immutable fact of business that your first customers and investors are drawn from your relationship pool and your sphere of influence.

I must warn that there are too many people who go about feeling like these people are obligated to patronize you because they know you… that’s as false as it gets.

The trick is in involving them through the process, from the idea phase to the set up. Talk about your idea and your business before you start and this way people will feel they own it.


What about going the business networking route? It always works, believe me. Show up at the right place where you will meet a key player in your industry. Develop a relationship with these people. You can learn how to network for business success here. Networking can be called old school, but it still the most effective startup marketing campaign that I know.

You will be shocked at what one recommendation can do for your business. It is just like Woody Allen said, “80% of success is showing up” .

2.You Need a Website

Yes… you most definitely need a website. I mean, not having a website today is like not having an official address. Brick and mortar locations don’t cut it anymore these days. Even if you get by without a website, it wouldn’t last too long. Trends are shifting and more business is done online increasingly. You need to get your slice of the pie.

Anybody can get a free blog and buy a domain name. But do you merely want to own a blog that nobody visits, and no selling takes place in? Or do you want to drive sales through it? If you do, then you need to get serious about your website, and invest a lot in SEO too. That’s the best way to ensure an effective startup marketing campaign online.

Yes, building a website and hosting it will require adding it to the budget. But its advantages are numerous.

People will still come to your website even if your brick stores are closed. People can meet you from their homes and do business with you even though you are abroad

A website equally doubles as your online address and identity. You should invest to make it worthwhile.

3. You Should Try out Social Media Marketing

effective startup marketing campagin, social media

Social media is such a large base that I wonder why some businesses ignore it. It’s one place where you are sure to find everyone.

Everybody is there! Can you imagine that? Now I know that your business needs a target audience and not everybody, but this is why you need to design a social media marketing strategy.

Platforms like Facebook and twitter have been misused over time because people do not know how to effectively use this medium to market their businesses. Facebook for instance if properly used, can help you expose your business to a particular demographic and psycho-graphic audience. It can hand you your target audience on a platter.

LinkedIn has equally proven successful for some industries especially for freelancers and financial service people. About 40% of my clients come from my LinkedIn page alone.

Different social media suit different businesses and you need to find which suits you.

4. Effectively Utilize Search Engine Optimization

effective startup marketing campagin, seo

Over 500 million people search in Google every day. SEO is not something you should ignore. This is how it works, if you have a product that people are looking for, your site can appear at the perfect moment – when they’re searching for it.

This is different from Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube advertising, where you rely on distractions to pull people away from what they were doing to visit your website.  This time Google, helps them find what they were looking for in the first place…You!

To make this work, do your best to adhere to the factors that will make Google to rank you higher. But be patient because it does take a little time to work. But the results are always amazing if you do it right.

5. Building a Blog That Converts

effective startup marketing campagin, start a blog

I must first warn that building a blog that converts is hard. Most businesses fail because they don’t blog about what their customers want to read. They rather go on and on about their products.

If you want to create a truly successful blog, you must be willing to work first on at least 50 great articles. After you’ve written 50 articles you’ll have a reasonable understanding of what works,

If you’re not willing to invest a lot of time and energy in building a blog, then don’t bother starting!  It is hard work, but the results will pay-off if you stick with it.

6. Use Email Marketing

effective startup marketing campagin, email-marketing

You can send thousands of mails to your clients. It works like a charm if you get the right software. You can also misuse it and Spam your customers and lose them in the process

You can use e-mail marketing to launch content. Push users further through a sales funnel – it’s called lead nurturing. This is one outbound marketing method that will ensure an effective startup marketing campaign if done properly.

All you need is to learn what makes for a good email. Then always confirm from clients if they want to receive certain emails, otherwise, this tool could work against you.

7. Get Amazing Products/Services

Everything looks good online or on the television. But like they say “A trial convinces”. Referrals are still and will continue to remain one of the most foolproof tools for effective marketing campaigns, especially in startups.

I once referred over 50 people to a Barber’s shop because of how I was treated. So get your act together as regards quality, delivery and customer service and your doors will always remain open.

Marketing in the 21st century got a bit more complicated I know, but to compete favorably these are things we must do regardless.

I equally know a lot of startup CEOs who would do anything within their power to avoid marketing. But to turn an idea to a business that converts takes a process, and at the foundation of that process is the necessary evil that we call “marketing”.

If you really desire to achieve the goals you set for your startup, then these strategies are your life savers. You can definitely count on them to make for an effective startup marketing campaign.