startup business ideas for couples


Gone were the days where a man is supposed to be the sole bread winner in the family. These days, there are almost as much women in the work force or running different businesses. Starting a business is wonderful, but what if you knew about some business ideas for couples? How would you like to start a business and run it with your partner? Do you love the idea of being in business together with your spouse?

People will continue to have differing opinions on the topic of husband and wife businesses. However, this does not change the fact that there has been a steady increase in the number of business startups run successfully by couples in recent years.

On the surface, this might sound like a wonderful idea to many married couples, but starting a business with your spouse is not all roses. There are lot of factors to consider here: your educational qualifications, your skill sets, your temperaments and much more.

You both have to be absolutely sure you want to go into business together, what with the rate of divorce being what it is (you don’t want to end up as part of an unwanted statistic).

But let’s say you have crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s, here is a list of businesses that you can start with your spouse:

  1. Food/ Catering Business

startup business ideas for couples, catering

There is a difference between loving to eat and loving to cook. The food business will be a good bet for you if you are in the latter category.

You and your spouse can enter into the food business in different ways. You could go in as a franchise, or you can start your own catering business and/or your own restaurant. Of course this is dependent on how much work you are willing to do and how much capital you can raise.

Check out Emily and Rob LaFave of Foodzie to understand what I am saying. (But make sure you come back and complete the article)

If you guys are just starting out and are strapped for cash, then the best bet is the catering service. One of you can handle the cooking while the other fills the role of customer service rep and handles the business side of things. No matter what you decide, the catering line is one of the business ideas for couples you should definitely explore.

2. Day care service

startup business ideas for couples, daycare

It is normal now for both parents in a family to be working. These parents usually do not have the time to cater for their children as much as they would like to and that is where you come in.

If you and your partner have grown up kids who live on their own then this is one of the business ideas for couples you should explore. This is because of your wealth of experience – and free time. You could start with neighbors and younger couple friends.

Depending on how well you do the business, these parents could easily bring in referrals for you and help your business grow. Before you go into this, be sure that your house is conducive for children to avoid unnecessary domestic accidents.

3. Pet sitting service

startup business ideas for couples, pet sitting

If you love dogs, chances are you probably have one – or two of your own. Many dog owners prefer not to keep their dogs in boarding kennels or vet offices when going away for the weekend or a business trip. They prefer to go for a service with more of a personal touch.

Who better to trust their pets to than a fellow dog lover who just happens to run a pet sitting service, right?

startup business ideas for couples, dog walking

Since you are in the pet business, you can also offer dog-walking services to help bring in more revenue.

4. Real Estate business

You can also run a real estate business with your spouse. It is one of the most flexible business ideas for couples you can equally try out. Yes, it allows you to be able to work from home. Can you beat that?

One of you can handle the business aspects, while the other will be responsible for showing people around the houses that are on your listing.

Another angle to consider, if you have the money, is buying houses and fixing them up so you can sell them for a profit. You can also run both models together if you guys can carry the work load and financial burden.

5. E-commerce business

startup business ideas for couples, ecommerce

How many times have you whipped out your card to make a purchase online on big sites such as Amazon, eBay, and the likes?

Work and other responsibilities are affording people less time to go shopping at physical stores, hence, the necessity of online commerce.

You can have an online store on big e-commerce platforms like Shopify where you can put up products for sale. These products could be other people’s products or a product you created yourself.

There are sites that support the creativity of unique retailers. So if you have a knack for coming up with products original to you, consider starting your business on sites such as Etsy and Zebbit.

6. Virtual assistant

startup business ideas for couples, virtual assistants

Many business owners almost always have a lot on their plate that they obviously cannot do alone. That is the reason they hire employees, but what if they cannot afford to hire anyone at the time?

Enter virtual assistant. This industry is growing rapidly as a home based business. A virtual assistant does virtually anything and everything asked of them, from sending mails, scheduling meetings, booking travel plans, researching items online etc. And who says you can’t explore this business idea as a couple?

You will both get paid on an hourly rate and can be hired from any part of the world. So if you and your partner both get into the business, that is double the revenue.

7. Tutoring services

startup business ideas for couples, tutor

We have all heard about special schools created to aid learning for physically impaired kids. Well, regular children often have problem learning in crowded places too and they often need personal training.

I am sure that you both had subjects you excelled in while you were in high school. You can leverage your wealth of knowledge on these subjects and start a subject help tutoring and exam prep service. Thankfully, many parents have no problem digging into their wallets to pay for personal tutoring.

You also need to have good teaching skills and endearing personality to succeed here. And if you are two, it means you get to take on more subjects. Or one person handles the teaching while the other person handles administrative duties.

8. Coaching for new couples

Again, this is ideal for older couples with a wealth of married life experiences. You can start a business that counsels young couples and helps them scale through the challenging first few years of their marriage.

The fact that you and your spouse are still together qualifies you to counsel others on how to make their marriage work just like yours.

The business listed above can be run together to rake in extra income. So take a look and find the one(s) that best suits you. Do you have other business ideas for couples not on this list? Share them below.