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My Startup CEO (MSC) is the go-to hub for entrepreneurs who want to get kick-ass motivation, practical tips, business ideas, and resources to help grow their start-ups and budding businesses.

I know how frustrating it can be to have a wonderful business idea, but somehow you just don’t know what step to take. I launched this blog to give you that much needed help at the initial stage of your new business venture.

Other times, you may know what to do. But you still need that ass-kicking motivation to launch out.

Don’t worry.

You have come to the right place.

MSC is a quickly growing community of highly motivated go-getters who are not afraid to work on their dreams.

We breed a family of optimistic CEOs who are eager to maximize the opportunities within their environment and build business ventures that will stand the test of time.

I guess you are wondering why you should listen to what I have to say.

As a start-up consultant, I have been featured in High Quality sites like Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Evan Carmichael, Addicted 2 Success, Pick The Brain, Business 2 Community, and Dumb Little Man. I equally write a weekly column on Bella Naija (Every Friday) and Good Men Project (Every Wednesday).

I have hands on experience as the CEO of a couple of start-ups that have succeeded over the years too. So I know what works!

Yes, I have proof. I have made six figures in online income especially as a freelancer and consultant.

Guess what? My income keeps increasing over the years.

Let’s face it, statistics is against most start-ups. In fact, according to this post, 90% of most start-ups will close down in less than 10 years.

That’s terrible.

But who says you can’t be among that small percentage of successful CEOs whose businesses are succeeding?

I believe you can. That is why I started this blog; to help your start-up succeed. I will be drawing from my experience over the years to share insightful tips and motivation to help you succeed.

I will equally tap into my network and connect with a lot of successful CEOs like me to see what is working for them, and share same with you. It could be in the form of e-books, blog posts, pod casts or courses. But at the end, you will always see MSC as the best place for every start-up CEO that wants to succeed.

What will you expect from me?

  1. I will provide you with pure ass-kicking motivation

I believe you have a great a business idea or a wonderful goal you have set for your start-up. These ideas and goals have been kept locked away for so long. But somehow you just lack the needed motivation to take the necessary steps.

I will help you bring them to life.

I will provide you with highly motivating articles that will propel you to take that step that will give you greater success.

These will be published every Monday in the CEO’s corner.

As the leader of your business, you need to be in top form at the beginning of each week. With these highly motivating posts, you will have the passion and the enthusiasm to take on the new week.

And if you have that fire, your employees and your business will quickly catch it.

  1. I will provide you with insightful articles every Wednesday and Friday.

These articles are your regular how-to’s in different fields that relate to your start-ups. They will range from practical sales tips, marketing advice, to customer service excellence strategies.

  1. I will share my personal experiences

Well, I equally like to be as transparent as possible. Yeah, I am adventurous too. I believe that life is meant to be lived and not just existed in.

So expect to see real life posts where I talk about my life as a CEO. I will share my victories, and equally share the things I did that didn’t really work out, so we can all learn together.

So, just in case you feel like, “Wow, MSC was made for me”, then I will love to be your consultant and your buddy.

You ready?

Cool. Simply sign up for our newsletter, to get quality business tips and kick-ass motivation every CEO wishes they have. No B.S, I promise.

And if you need a freelance writer to create great website content for you or guest post on Huffington Post and other top blogs, hire me. I and my team of writers will do the job for you for a fee.

Who is Behind MSC?


IMG_20150327_024524My name is Toby Nwazor and I founded My Start-up CEO (MSC) in March 2016. I have always dreamed of being a business consultant who will help other CEOs build thriving businesses, and this proved to be a great platform for me.

My adventure into the business world began when I was 16. I just completed my high school then. I saw an opportunity in the telecommunication sector, and I quickly dived into it.

I started my first business of selling airtime vouchers with about $35. And within two months, the business was worth more than $80. It was small, but I was learning the basic lessons every start-up needs. I had learnt how to build a successful start-up.

Over the years, I have tried my hands on a couple of start-ups both online and offline. I equally worked for a while as a marketing consultant and a client service consultant in the Banking and Insurance Industries respectively. This was where I learnt firsthand all I know about sales, marketing, customer service, and leadership.

Beside all that, is a fun loving and friendly guy who loves to make the most of every opportunity he has.

I love swimming, travelling, making new friends, visiting new places, and just exploring life. My personal Mantra is to “Live your Best Life Now”, and I do my best to do that.

For you, what should matter is this, Toby is a focused, goal driven start-up consultant who puts in his best in everything he does. Yes, when I set a goal, I don’t stop pushing, until I accomplish it. And right now, my goal is to help make your start-up succeed, and that’s what I will do.

It doesn’t matter if your start-up is worth 100 dollars or 100 million dollars, MSC will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


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We saw some of your writing and thought it was really High quality, and was featured in leading highly reputed online publications. We weren’t sure about the turnaround time, but a frank open chat and quick responses convinced us to go ahead. The quality of writing, the quality of communication, the response time and quick turnaround and overall professionalism is what we value. To anybody who is on the fence about doing business with Toby, we say, definitely go for it!

You are quite inspirational, and very positive. You helped me over the hump and kept me from “chickening out..

Toby is someone who gives honest and candid opinions. He is a very objective person. I love the way he edits my work, because he maintains the central idea, while cutting off the superfluous points. He is the guy for the job anytime. He delivers before the deadlines and remains professional in what he does. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Please keep it up, your writing is a lamp for newbies like myself.


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