23 12, 2019

Time to Market: How to Stay on Schedule in Product Development

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Designing (and developing) a new product for the market is one of the most exciting moments for business and startup owners. Sometimes it could be because there is a need to cannibalize an already existing product or because the products

10 10, 2019

Why Time Tracking is one of the Best Project Management Tools That Will Improve Your Productivity

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How many times has it happened that a task took more time than you expected? Or that you multi-tasked and at the end of the day you realized that you could have been more productive had you mono-tasked? Or even

28 02, 2017

5 Ways to Improve Employee Morale and Business Productivity

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We are often told that maintaining employee morale is crucial to running a productive and successful business. But we don’t hear as much about what actually reduces employee morale, and how to raise it again. Let’s take a look at

19 08, 2016

8 Ways You Can Effectively Use Instagram For Business

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The social media is now so big; it’s actually beginning to make the biggest statement on the 21st century lifestyle. In fact research has it that more than half of the world’s total population connects via social media sites. Yes,

26 07, 2016

6 Sales Lessons I Learnt From Brian Tracy for a Successful Sales Career

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Brian Tracy’s story inspired me before I started my first business, and will continue to inspire me. After dropping out of school, working at so many menial jobs, travelling round America, and enduring being broke, the sales guru emerged successful.

25 06, 2016

How to Create A Powerful Startup Mission Statement

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The debate over the importance of a mission statement for businesses has been going on for a long time. The answer to this debate lies not in the importance or irrelevance of the mission statement. But in a right understanding

27 05, 2016

9 Non-Negotiable Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Join a Mastermind Group

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  You need to join a mastermind group! You should have even done it yesterday. Yes, time is running out. You want to know why you should join a mastermind group? Fine, I will tell you. But let me ask,

25 05, 2016

6 Daily Routines for Success in Your Startup

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Credit “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine”. So says John Maxwell. This is fine in a general sense, but does it apply