25 10, 2016

Pinning With Purpose: 7 Tips To Market Your Business Using Pinterest

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Image Credit At first glance, one could see Pinterest as just another photo-sharing site, but it is far more than that. You could be forgiven for that gross error in judgment. I mean, all you see at first glance is

8 08, 2016

4 Ways to Turn Customers to Brand Ambassadors

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  Do you know that you can turn customers to brand ambassadors? Yes, you can cut on your ad budget and channel the resources to other aspects of business if you have loyal customers. These are customers that will preach

26 07, 2016

6 Sales Lessons I Learnt From Brian Tracy for a Successful Sales Career

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Brian Tracy’s story inspired me before I started my first business, and will continue to inspire me. After dropping out of school, working at so many menial jobs, travelling round America, and enduring being broke, the sales guru emerged successful.

2 07, 2016

5 Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Your Startup

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Presently, marketing has evolved from outbound to inbound marketing. In fact it almost feels like everyone who knows their business knows the benefits of inbound marketing, and there is no point writing about it. But there was a time – before

2 07, 2016

5 Cost-Effective Ways of Marketing Your Startup

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Congratulations on recently starting your new business venture. You may have kicked off with a few customers who may include your family or friends. However, for your business to keep making profit, you will need to reach more people with

29 06, 2016

8 Tips to Develop a Balanced and Successful Global Marketing Strategy

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Do you own a small business/startup? Would you like to take your business beyond the shores of your state, perhaps even beyond the shores of your country or continent? Would you like to have  global marketing strategy that can work

12 05, 2016

6 Infallible Strategies To Satisfy And Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

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The business climate of the 21st century is ever evolving. The traditional business strategies that worked just fine in the days of the boomers just will not cut it in today’s business atmosphere. The divide between business and customer is