For many parents, holding a full-time job just isn’t realistic, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Someone has to be around to care for your little ones day in and day out, and in many cases, it makes more financial sense to accept a stay-at-home role rather than pay exuberant daycare fees. But kids are expensive.

The income of a single parent isn’t always enough to cover all of the expenses involved in raising a family and planning for the future. Fortunately, there are several ways for stay-at-home parents to earn some cash and chip into the family fund. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Take a Shot at Freelancing


Working as a freelancer is an extremely realistic way to make money online, and getting started requires nothing more than a computer and a little bit of your time. Thanks to online job boards and freelancing websites, it’s easier than ever to establish a freelance business and start looking for clients. You just have to pick a niche!

Writing is one of the most accessible ways to begin freelancing since you don’t need any specialized skills or education. If you enjoy writing and you have some solid grammar skills, you can start selling your services today! Need some guidance? Millionaire Writers can help you jump-start your freelance writing career through comprehensive email courses and coaching sessions.


If writing isn’t your thing, there are several other freelance positions to consider. For example, creative types may be drawn to graphic design or logo design. You can start your freelance logo design career by creating a profile on a job board like Upwork. Once you’re all set up, you can begin connecting with clients right away!


For people who have experience with coding and programming, freelance coders are very in demand these days. If you’re familiar with popular coding languages such as Javascript, Swift, Scala, or Python, for example, you may be able to find work through online job boards. What’s more, starting out as a freelancer may eventually lead to a full-time position for a company you truly enjoy working for. And if you need to brush up on your skills, there are many free courses — not to mention free YouTube videos — that can help bring you up to speed.


Launch a Small Business


One viable way to earn a living from home is to start a small business. You could offer local services, like hairdressing or professional tailoring, or launch an e-commerce company and sell products online. It’s up to you! The important thing is to focus on something that you truly enjoy. The more passion you have for a particular industry, the more inclined you are to stick with it for the long haul, especially during those valleys in between the peaks!


The joy of starting your own business is that you get complete control over the kind of work you do. If you enjoy crafting, consider selling hand-made candles, bath bombs, jewelry, knitted products, or home décor. If you have a great idea for a product that doesn’t exist — or a product that could use some serious improvements — Sellbrite suggests looking into the possibility of manufacturing your own inventory and selling online. 


Start a Blog


Looking for something a little less demanding? Consider starting a blog. While it can take some time to make any serious money with your blog, stick with it and it’s bound to become a source of passive income one day. Once you learn how to drive traffic to your blog the next step is to learn how to monetize your blog. Besides selling pay-per-click ads, you could work with sponsors to promote their products, sign up for affiliate marketing with big brands like Amazon, or use your blog to promote your own products. Starting a blog is easy and affordable, so you have nothing to lose! 


The best thing about starting a blog is that it allows you to hone your craft while working at your own speed. Want to start out with just a few posts a week? You can contribute as little or as much as you want. After making a name for themselves as a blogger, some writers go on to work for major websites, while others end up turning their blog into a full-time job. However, just like starting your own business, it’s important to focus on a topic that truly interests you. The more passionate you are about a subject, the more you’ll be able to engage and connect with your audience, which will bring them back to check out more content!


Teach an Online Course


Teaching people can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you have a set of in-demand skills from a previous job or just a solid grasp of the English language, you can earn money teaching people what you know. Try selling an online course or teaching English to international students over video chat. There are numerous online platforms that help connect teachers with students who are eager to learn, so you should have no problem getting started! 


Work as a Virtual Assistant


Working as a virtual assistant is a common choice for stay-at-home parents in this day and age. You get to set your own hours, work from the comfort of your couch, and take breaks during the day to play with your kids. What’s not to love? Virtual assistants help their clients with all kinds of tasks, from making appointments and fielding phone calls to preparing business reports and managing social media accounts. As a parent, you’re already an expert at juggling complicated schedules, so you’ll make an excellent assistant!


Raising kids isn’t easy. In fact, being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet! Finding at-home work is a great way to make money without compromising your ability to care for your kids and raise them how you want. Whether you decide to try freelancing or start your own e-commerce venture, you won’t regret building your own remote career.