In the growing age of digital media, businesses are looking for unique ways to make their customer experience stand out. While marketing strategies are great, you need something unique to really impress your target market. That’s where live streaming comes in. Live streaming is the technology of streaming videos live so that the audience can view the content in real-time as it happens.

All social networks have integrated live streaming in their platforms, allowing small live streaming businesses to reach a large audience. However, anyone who has actually been trying to build a social media following knows that it is easier said than done. After all, social media is a crowded place. For brands that make an effort and do social media live streaming right, it offers a way to gain a competitive advantage making a bigger impression overall. 

Why does live streaming work well for business?

Customers prefer to buy from brands they trust. People generally connect trustworthiness with quality products and great service. Live videos help you build trust and a real-time connection with your potential customers. Live streaming not just helps to establish a real-time connection and trust among your customers, the benefits are many. Here are some of the major reasons why live streaming is great for promoting business growth. 

1. It’s easy to get started

One of the fundamental reasons why you need to integrate live streaming to your marketing strategy is its negligible costs to get started. You just need a smartphone to begin live streaming on social media. If you want to produce high-quality live streaming, you can invest in professional live streaming set up. 

2. It is cost-effective

One of the best things about live streaming is that it is cost-efficient. Before live-streaming, businesses relied on TV to showcase live videos. This, of course, is the most expensive way. However, today any business with a standard live streaming setup and a strong internet connection can broadcast live to their audience. If you want to create high-quality live streams, consider learning how to set up live streaming at an advanced level. Even if you invest in the professional live streaming setup, it is still cost-efficient considering the returns it brings you. 

3. Opens real-time communication with the audience

While you are live streaming, you can directly communicate with your potential customers and answer them instantly. It can be difficult to read through the questions of viewers and come up with answers on the go. Make sure you collaborate with any of your team members during the live session to handle the comment section. Anyone can read the question and both can answer customer questions as a team. This opens up the possibility of real-time communication with customers to create a more approachable image for your brand.

4. Expand your reach

No matter whether you are a creative individual or a brand, live streaming can help you reach more people. For example, if you go live on Facebook or Instagram, the chance of your potential customers seeing it is higher. These social media live streaming platforms favor live video searches. 

With better exposure, you can generate more leads for your business or gain more followers for your personal brand. Within social media, it is easier to get people to find and share live videos. As it requires immediate action, people have to share your content immediately so more people can view it. 

5. One of the fast-growing industry

Live streaming is one of the rapidly growing technologies. It is already worth more than 30 billion dollars and expected to hit over 70 billion dollars by 2021. Most importantly, live video is outgrowing video on demand. Another proof for the lucrative growth of live video is the changes happening in social media platforms. Besides the platforms created for live streaming, most social networks also support live video. For example, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, etc. are taking over the industry.

The human aspect

The genuine interaction that live videos facilitate creates a strong connection between brands and their customers. Video on demand or any other form of content cannot create the same bonding as there is less room for the audience to connect with presenters in real-time. The fact that live videos are actually live adds a human element to it which is highly beneficial to brands.

Being human and relatable is extremely important for content creators, especially if they want to establish a bond built upon trust with their audience. However, it might be more challenging for brands to achieve it as they need to show their personal side without going overboard. The personality of a brand must be in tune with its target audience to achieve positive results. 

More accurate analysis reports

When you set up live streaming for your business, you can have a more regular progression analysis of the performance of your live videos. That makes it much easier for businesses to understand what’s happening with live streaming campaigns and allows them to keep up with the latest trends happening in the industry. 

If you are running a live streaming business, you can measure the engagement through the comment section. If your viewers highly interact with your content, your live videos are getting the work done. Monitor your social feed along with your live broadcast and encourage people to share your live videos.

How to use live streaming to grow your business?

Now that you have decided to integrate live streaming to your marketing strategy, you need to figure out what type of content you choose to live stream. Here are some of the content ideas to integrate into your live streaming strategy to spice up your live broadcasts. 

1. Use it as a form of content

Just like you use blogs, look at live streaming as another form of providing content to your audience. Instead of publishing blogs, invest your time in creating live videos. You can even repurpose your old content and share it via live streaming. For example, HubSpot has taken advantage of live streaming to power their marketing strategy.

2. Go behind the scenes

To make your live videos interesting, take your audience through the things they otherwise won’t get a chance to see. Live stream behind the scenes to give your audience a glimpse of your business world, show how your products are manufactured, or take them to an event you are attending. Offering a glimpse into behind the scenes is the best opportunity for your audience to get to know you and gain a better understanding of your business.

3. Promote your products

You can use live streaming to promote your best products and services. One of the biggest advantages of this is you don’t have to be hesitant to directly promote your products. Viewers know that you are broadcasting live to promote your products so that you need not limit yourself to being promotional. 

It’s a cool way to display your products to your potential customers and explain in detail how to use or operate. This works as people would rather prefer watching videos instead of reading instructional blogs about the same. Live promotional videos are not just educational; these videos can also help you drive more sales. You can also use this opportunity to introduce any promotional offers running on your products. The live videos about your products could inspire your audience to make a purchase. 

4. Give an inside view at a popular event

If you are planning to attend a business conference, a popular event, or a trade show, consider creating a social media plan to live streaming the event that would interest your viewers. Always get permission and stay in compliance with the guidelines of the event. Pick a theme that connects with your audience and if possible consider conducting a short interview with attendees. 

5. Instant Q&A session

Host a Q&A session to offer your audience the chance to learn more about you and get the answers they need. Make sure you address your audience with their usernames. You can also have a little fun with these types of sessions. For example, you can reverse the roles and ask your audience some questions for which they can reply via chat. Q&A sessions are a great way to get instant insights and feedback to your audience’s requirements. 

6. Host live session on trending topics

The web is constantly buzzing with new trends every day. These real trends serve as a great way to interact and engage with your audience and initiate a discussion. For example, gives tips on how small business can use new technology for marketing or answer a trending question your audience would like to know. Discuss trending topics on live sessions is a quick way to indulge in real-time marketing to gain new viewers. 

7. Conduct a live talk show

Many businesses are using live streaming in a talk show format bringing on guests to share their knowledge. For example, Benefit Cosmetics stared a weekly live stream show on their Facebook page to pull in a massive viewer base. 

Select a new topic for every week and let your followers know ahead of time who will be featuring in your show. This will also help your viewers to stay consistent and broadcast the same day every week so that you can gain a loyal fan following. 

8. Training sessions for your remote team

Live streaming is also efficient if you want to conduct training and education sessions for your remote team. Onboarding and training can be difficult to conduct, but using live streaming can make this daunting task effortless. A conversational live session allows you to deliver a consistent message across different departments. Live streaming helps to demonstrate comment aspects like your organization’s culture, troubleshooting tactics, how your products work, etc.

9. Product launches

Live streaming is an excellent way to publicize product launches with your business so that you don’t have to host a big event which generally costs a lot of money for the announcement of a new product or service. It is also very effective because it provides a personal touch when you launch your products directly to your customers without any geographical constraints through live streaming. 

10. Connect with popular influencers

Live streaming is a great way to connect your audience to the popular influencers who represent your brand in a better way. By hosting live sessions with popular influencers from your industry, you can reach your target audience and engage with them. Through these engaging videos, you can effortlessly break the barrier between your business and customers.

11. Host product demonstration

When you are hosting product demonstrations, make sure to follow a fun format. Also, make it a practice to keep these types of live sessions targeted. The shorter the live videos are, the better. If things get rolling and viewers are engaged, it’s fine to keep things going at the same pace. When you perform product demos in real-time, it is easier for your potential customers to connect and see the challenges that can arise for both beginners and professionals. Alternatively, you can also host live demonstrations for products that are yet to launch. This will keep your viewers waiting for the release dates. 

12. Use it for customer service

Best customer services never fail to impress customers. If you want to bring in a new aspect to your customer service, try broadcasting live to solve the concerns of your customers. Walk them through the process of using a product or service. You can also consider beta test new offering live to a selected customer group so that your customers care representatives get immediate feedback. The more personal your customer service is, the better you can serve your customers. 


We are living in an increasingly connected digital world. As your business expands, live videos can revolutionize your communication strategy. Whether you are just new to live streaming or looking to optimize the way your brand uses live videos, the above-mentioned use cases will help you to get going. When choosing what to live stream, think about the type of audience you are targeting and which execution strategy is best for your brand.

Now that we have discussed different strategies to grow your brand through live videos, it is time to get started. Integrate live streaming to your business strategy to take your business to new heights.