promote your business on twitter for maximum conversion

Social networks have been around for a while and the term is self-explanatory. Facebook – in 2006 – was updated to enable friends and family connect with each other. And that was it.

For a while, it was all about Facebook; it was not a social network, it was the social network. There was no competition – literally.

Then along came twitter.

Twitter, although a couple of years younger than Facebook, is a king in its own right. It is unique in the way it approaches social networking. For example, its tweet (what you would call a status update) is only 140 characters long which gave twitter the title “the SMS of the internet”.

As time passed and new discoveries were made in technology and business processes, social networks became aware of just how powerful the platform they possessed was. And so they started implementing innovative ways for people to utilize their ever growing network of users to grow their business.

Twitter with its over 300million active users, I believe, is one of the forerunners in this fold. Yes, you can promote your business on twitter for maximum conversion in very simple and straight forward ways.

So if you run a business and have a twitter account (if you do not, go get one now), here are a few ways you can promote your business on twitter for maximum conversion.

1. Draw up your biography with intent


When I first opened my twitter account, my first handle was @moneymaker88. And my biography read that I just wanted to hang out with friends. That tells you right off the bat just how naïve and purposeless I was back then. My handle and biography were as disagreeing as they were silly.

Thankfully, a lot has changed – for the better.

So when drawing up your biography, make sure to hit all the right keywords – words that will mean something to people on the lookout for someone with your skill set.  Do this in the right dosage and in the most succinct way possible. Remember, just like in every other area on Twitter, you are restricted to a certain number of characters.


For instance, from my Twitter account profile screenshot above, you can’t guess the things I do. I provide startup consultancy and tips on My Startup CEO, and I equally offer freelance writing services as can be seen on my hire me page.

You should create a similar profile. It should be such that at first read, anyone will be able to tell properly what you are all about and what you have to offer.

Also make sure to include a link to your company website or landing page, just like I did in the pic above. Preferably, use the one pointing to your email opt-in offer. Here you must provide additional value as this will help persuade your Twitter followers onto your email list.


2. Follow relevant people on twitter


Granted, Twitter is first a social network, but you are not on there just to follow the top celebrities and be awed by every gossip under the sun. That time can be better spent doing something that will grow your business.

For you, twitter is first a business tool not a social network, so it makes sense that you follow relevant people. People who are influencers in your niche, clients and potential clients.

Toby Nwazor Twitter followers

Don’t just follow your friends, follow influencers

If not on twitter, you can search them out online by using relevant keywords such as ‘small business’, ‘small businesses’, ‘SMEs’, ‘entrepreneurs’ etc.

Do you have people you relate business with on business issues on other forums or perhaps, a mastermind group, you should follow them on twitter too.


3. Utilize the hashtags efficiently


There is using hashtags and there is utilizing hashtags!

Using twitter hashtags just because it is a ‘twitter’ thing to do will not help your business any. You have to use them such that they are effective towards promoting your business. This implies using the right hashtags.

For instance, this is a screenshot of a tweet I made about my article on creating powerful mission statements. When I tweeted it, I made sure that I hashtagged it.

twitter hashtags

What are the right hashtags and how do you identify them?

Hashtags that direct twitter users to your tweets when they search for content related to your business are good hashtags.

If you are unsure or completely clueless (some of us were) on the right hashtags to use, know that it is okay to snoop around.

For instance, Tim Fargo is an influencer whose inspiring quotes always leave me motivated. He almost never tweets without hash tags.

Twitter hash tag

There are influencers in your business niche who have been in business and on twitter longer than you have. Search them out, take a look at some of the hashtags they use and try some of them.

Alternatively, you can also check out hashtagify to figure out what hashtags are the most popular in your niche.


4. Use hashtags to encourage user-generated content


It is one thing to use hashtags to promote your business by promoting branded content. But did you know that you can actually use them to generate unique content?

It is simple really. You just more or less have to get your customers doing what you would do with a branded hashtag – only this time they’ll do it with a hashtag you created for your business alone.

You probably have a core circle of twitter followers who make it a point to see all your tweets, reply and retweet. They are your brand ambassadors and loyal customers. This group of people will almost certainly be happy to tweet about your business if you ask.

Ask them to take photos of themselves relishing your product or using it in new ways and in new locations. They can also tweet their reviews or ideas for future content all while using the hashtag you created.

appreciation for tweet

Do not forget to show your appreciation to them for their participation and retweet as many of their tweets just like I did in the screenshot above, (or just your favorites) as you can to your followers.


5. Be human


Form the habit of tweeting regularly, preferably with pictures or videos as such tweets get more retweets than those without them. By consequence, they also are likely to help promote your business better as people will have more eyeballs on your content.

Because you are focused on your business does not make you a robot. Engage in conversations on twitter. Scan the ‘twittersphere’ for particular issues/discussions that you can contribute to. You can also use a Twitter search engine to help you get relevant results from your search.

If people begin to perceive you as someone who knows his/her stuff (judging from your contributions) and is ready to offer nuggets of advice for free, they will be more open to the idea of doing business with you.

It helps if you give choose a twitter handle that shows your human side but also does not take away from the fact that you are running a business. For instance representatives of the computer business DELL post tweets using a combination of their real name plus the that of the company like so: DanielatDELL.

This is a good idea because it adds that human element to your tweets while building your business and avoiding the perception of a faceless business.


6. Run your campaign across all your networks


When it comes to hashtags, twitter is King. Gratefully, however, hashtags are no longer exclusive to twitter; they function much the same way on every other popular social network.

Create a single hashtag for your business campaign and support in on all your other social platforms and anywhere else you are promoting your business.

Even beyond the social networks, you can use it on any of your business’s printed works, email signature, in-store signage etc. This keeps your branding consistent and your helps your business’s accessibility as your customers will be able to easily connect with you no matter the platform they are using.

Your Turn

Now you know what you can do. Guess what, you can equally use instagram to promote your business too, and the same applies to Facebook. Don’t allow yourself to be limited to posting pictures alone and liking comments on the social media. You can maximize it for your business too.

Are there other ways that you know about not mentioned here? Kindly mention them in the comment section. And please don’t forget to share this post using the various social media buttons here.