“Attract. Engage. Convert.”

The typical sales funnel for an online business comprises four key stages: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention. Basically, their sole aim is to grab more quality leads and converting them into customers. But this isn’t easy at all.

Many of us believe that “Content Is The King” but not aware of using it efficiently in order to grow your digital brand and maximizing profits through conversions. Quality content can be the best tool in the arsenal of marketers and sales reps which they can use to encourage readers to become prospects.

According to a survey executed by demandgenreport, 51% of B2B customers depend on content now to make buying decisions, and they need interactive, informational, and shorter, content that makes them aware rather than just maximizing sales.

So, it’s clear that not the quantity of the content but the quality which helps you in building a sales pipeline and nurture leads that are most likely to getting converted. But the question is how to produce such content that has the power to turn readers into leads and ultimately permanent customers? Let’s look at seven such tricks with which you can hypnotize your targeted audience.

1. Craft High-Quality Content With Engaging Headlines & Emotional Connect

Rather than writing long paragraphs that looks like a boring sales pitch, it’s better to produce interactive content that narrates an interesting story. It should be high-quality and backed with proven facts and studies. This makes it mandatory for you to do research before jumping on a writing spree.

Discover powerful ideas for content that can convert readers in just a few minutes. Also, make it a bit emotional so that readers can easily feel the connect and come up with catchy headlines to grab their attention.


When drafting a headline you must consider its type, character count, and word balance because according to Moz these factors influence readers’ mind in getting ready to click the content and explore it fully.

Moreover, you need to write in a relevant tone that can fulfil what you are promising in the title. Many readers just abandon your web page if they feel either the headline isn’t attractive or the content is unrelated.

2. Make Sure To Include Images, Stats, Keywords & Use A Prototyping Tool To Test The Result

Users give priority to content-driven design which is not generic but intuitive. That’s why you have to integrate relevant images, stats, and keywords in your text to make it visually appealing. But don’t try to force-fit any of these elements otherwise it can distract readers. Also, make sure that you are incorporating realistic data so that you don’t have to put any extra efforts for justifying it.

But how to test that the created content is genuinely making an impact on your users? To address this issue you have to make sure that your development partner is roadmapping your product before beginning the actual development.

This will give you a clear idea about the impact of high-fidelity mock-up where you have merged quality text with high-end images. You can easily evaluate the feedback given by users and tweak the content accordingly.

3. Provide Readers With Different Content Type But Don’t Forget Placing The CTA Properly

Your readers will get bored if you will keep offering them the same type of content always. Make sure to create different types of content to boost reading and ultimately increase conversions. Integrate infographics, videos, case studies, blogs, press releases, and memes to provide readers with a variety and to retain their interest.

But do you know how you can make each of these content types more effective? The answer is by incorporating Calls-to-action (CTAs) buttons at the end such as sign-up boxes or email subscriptions. These tricks will allow you to grab more readers and they will be excited to become an integral part of your community. Later, you can nurture these prospects and convert them into leads.

4. Remember To Optimize Each Of Your Copy, In The Same Way, You Would Do For Your Landing Page

You have to ensure that each of your copies is fully optimized so that readers the readers can’t take their eyes off it. It’s primarily done for the landing page but make a habit to do it for each and every copy. Make your copy optimized for maximum speed and a perfect  In this way, readers will take more interest in your content and there will be higher chances of them becoming leads.

With one of the best CRM tools, you can keep an eye on the data which shows your content performance and help you in removing the bottlenecks to maximize reading ratio. Also, with the information, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your copy in a much better manner.

5. Don’t Make Your Content Messy With Too Much Information & Difficult To Scan

Readers are extremely impatient and will never opt to read through content if it’s hard to scan. Therefore, divide your content into short paragraphs and further classify it with the help of subheadings and bullet points. Clean formatting will make readers excited and curious to go through the copy and they might choose to subscribe to your brand.

In addition to clean formatting, you need to pay attention to making your content free from any sort of distractive elements. Focus on a single task and stay away from overloading the content with multiple links as it will look like you are making an effort just to promote your products or services.

6. Provide Readers With A Clear & Trustworthy Copy

Make your content easy-to-understand and brief because lengthy content can never retain a reader for a long time. Try to integrate real-life experiences or your own opinions to make it more human. Also, you should add a few of your images and a short bio to establish credibility.

Moreover, create content from the perspective of readers and build relationships with influencers who can promote your content and write reviews for your products so that to impress more readers. You should also showcase great reviews given by your clients in the past to let readers put their trust in your business.

7. Build A Sense Of Urgency & Nudge Sensitive Matters

Create your content in a way that builds a sense of urgency among readers. Try to present limited availability or time to encourage them to take the desired action. For instance, in case you are going to arrange a paid webinar then you can maximize the participation by making it free for the first 50 applicants. Similarly, try to create a sense of necessity in your content which can act as an anchor to hook on more readers.

Moreover, another way to create unique content is to highlight the major pain points your targeted audience is facing with existing solutions and craft a copy which can fix those issues. This will definitely evoke readers’ interest and they would want to explore further which can be an opportunity to convert them into leads.

With these tips, you can tweak content and make it powerful to grab more readers and persuade them to turn into leads. Also. quality content can help to nurture these leads and ultimately closing a deal.