Content marketing helps you generate more engagements for your business, just like other forms of marketing. It is one of the more reliable digital marketing strategies. 69.6% of marketers are actively using content marketing.


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach… on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience… to drive profitable customer action.”


According to the godfather of modern marketing, Seth Godin, content marketing is the only marketing left. Marketing campaigns go sour just as quickly without great content.


Good Content, the Foundation for Content Marketing


Good content marketing is not just about the aesthetics of a site, the promotions, and unique online marketing tactics.


Without good content, how can you attract audiences? How can you make them linger on your site? They will probably bounce as fast they came in if your content is not relevant to them nor compelling.


Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you also get to gauge precisely how your content marketing strategies are doing. No beating around the bush needed. You will know precisely if your investment is going somewhere and hitting the targets you have set for it through the campaign.


When you decide to invest in content marketing, you will also improve your brand as a business. You can increase your ability to engage your subscribers and customers and convert more leads.


The key is to recognize the most successful and efficient content marketing techniques to meet marketing goals.


Content Marketing Strategies to Focus At for 2021


1.  Create Clustered Content


In 2017, the blog of HubSpot hit a large traffic plateau. Their team put together their heads and agreed to restructure HubSpot’s blog into topical clusters after discovering macrotrends for search and content. This restructuring, along with a search insights report, led to a traffic rise of 25%. It also boosted their search ranking for more than two million keywords.


When creating topic clusters, you want to make sure that each cluster touches on all the ways people are searching for that topic. Imagine a web of topics, keywords, key phrases, and questions that touch relate and intertwine based on what people are looking for.


Topic clusters help you maximize your content marketing campaign by grouping all possible combinations of trending keyword research and topics under a central topic.


You can start with a pillar page about the keyword you are targeting. Then, your cluster (or subtopic) content should branch out to related but more specific angles of the topic. The pillar page and all related content are clustered via an internal link structure.


2.  Topic Authority and Multimedia Content


Adding multimedia content like videos increases the value of your content. Other media include images, infographics, podcasts, and the like. All of these will increase your page SEO ranking.


Increasing SEO ranking is significant for a business. That is why investing in content marketing will give you a good return for your investment once the rankings go up. If you establish topic authority and add the right mix of multimedia content, you increase your chances of ranking.


Check what appears on various search engines for the specific set of keywords you aim to rank for.


If you see videos on competitor’s results and you do not have that, you are immediately at a disadvantage. The competitors also get more platforms for keywords, like the image Alt Tag and image description, where you can inject secondary keywords and phrases.


3.  Aim to Elevate User Experience and Satisfaction.


Start thinking beyond search and rankings too. More than the rankings, endeavor to add value to your audiences’ digital experience.


Produce content that is unique and tailor-fit for your niche and target audience. Make it compelling, engaging, and interesting enough for click throughs, longer dwell time, social sharing.


Think of ways to enrich and engage with your audience on a more personal, human level. Tap into the unique voice and experience of your business and create content that competitors are not producing.


The truth is content marketing is worth the investment because it is effective in driving brand visibility. To win content marketing, businesses need to concentrate more on optimized, personalized, and User-Generated Content (UGC) experiences.


You can try the following non-search-based strategies trending now:


  • Publish first-hand knowledge: surveys, market research reports, focus group results, and other feedback-based content
  • Infographics and charts: share emerging trends and statistics creatively through an infographic or data chart. These types of content also easily attract backlinks to your site.
  • Build your backlinks: You can boost your site’s authority and make a name for your brand as an industry leader through strong backlinks.


  • Share your posts: Social media marketing is also on the rise and you need to optimize this trend as much as possible. Share your content on multiple platforms. Identify posts that are poorly performing and share with other digital channels to check where these posts would gain traction.


For instance, if your post did not pick up on Facebook, try Reddit. If they still fail to gain the audience’s attention, try revising them and making the content more quality, or drop the content to start from scratch.


  • Optimize your content: Focus on the historic optimization of your content. Keep content fresh by updating all topics, data, statistics and keeping them updated.


  • Create relevant, personalized content: Tailor your content to meet what your target audience wants or needs. Integrate personalization tokens to your site as well.


4.  Publish Content with a Purpose


What use would your content be if it does not benefit your audience and bring traffic to your site? Some content marketers think that it is about stuffing their site with content.


You need to publish content with a purpose. Create content that answers people’s needs, so you are sure it will gain traffic.


Build content adding value to your target niche, like additional content that nobody else has tackled, or a more in-depth article on trending topics in your target market.


It is better to produce high-quality content than several thin contents. Thin content can be detrimental to your site, and all the more, you will not get the SERP (search engine results page) ranking you aim for.


Churning out content is counterproductive because even if you get the traffic, It’s no guarantee you will get the conversions you want. Just because you have content that drives traffic, it does not make you purposeful.


To positively affect your audience, your content must be related to what you do and what you are about as a business. It guides you through generating high-performance content with business value every time.


5.  Content that is Fresh, Updated, and Relevant


When you regularly post fresh content, it gives your website strong index scores in search engines, impacting its SERP ranking. Strong SERP scores boost the marketing strategy and enhance your credibility.


So periodically review your content. If you have some outdated material, upgrade it immediately. For example, if you did thorough research on a specific subject, you can prolong the life of your content by constantly updating facts, figures, resources, and context.


Update media you have used, like photos, illustrations,  videos, and the like, make them more current.


There are a plethora of photo-editing apps and video editing tools to create original images and videos, so you can boost the quality of content you are making.


6.  Publish Content for B2B


B2B marketing is the marketing of merchandise to businesses other for use in manufacturing, operations, or customer resale.


Using information blog posts, white papers, quizzes, or trivia is now very common. Most B2B content marketers use such content to cultivate leads and build brand awareness, consumer trust, and improve your inbound marketing efforts.


7.  Make Use of Personalized Marketing Messages


Personalization can improve your marketing campaigns like personalized opt-in ads and the like. If you use personalization successfully, you can establish niches in your target demographic and improve brand interaction significantly.


For example, if your niche finds a product beneficial to them, and you happen to have that product, tailor opt-in ads right away. Optimize their purchase demand and, if available, provide variants of the products or any upgrade that it may have.


Data-driven segmentation helps you modify your messages to get in front of the right consumers and push products and services more efficiently.


For example, Amazon sends personalized emails based on consumer data. Their consumers get an email with their first name and product recommendations based on their purchase history. This email marketing strategy is working very well for Amazon, who has capitalized on personalization masterfully. Its AI chat assistant, Alexa, embodies this personalization in Amazon products, that endear them further to their consumers.


8.  Treat Your Content as Data


Always measure the performance of your content through analytics. If your content is doing poorly in analytics, this allows you the chance to tweak that content until you see the metrics improve, or scrap that content and produce a more relevant topic.


You need to manage and analyze the metrics that come back from your content to see how you can optimize your content and your site.  These metrics include web page traffic, bounce rates, dwell time, conversion rates, to name a few. You can also check your site’s statistics through web tools to check your site’s online presence.


Conclusion: It Is Worth Investing in Content Marketing

These are just some of the strategies you can focus on as the year ends and a new one soon begins. 2020 has been tumultuous, but digital marketing is at its strongest, more than ever.


More businesses are moving online. Content marketing is a well-oiled machine helping businesses to thrive in a time of crisis. It is helping businesses build their brands and compete with big players in their fields. It is helping businesses educate their audiences about the business and what they have to offer.


Content marketing is also generating leads for businesses, improving organic research, and increasing traffic. With relevant content, helping websites get higher SERP ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.


With smart content marketing efforts, businesses can build an excellent link building strategy. It can help businesses communicate and build relationships with their audience and improve customer experiences and satisfaction.


With content marketing, businesses do not just get what they pay for. They get more ROI than expected because good content can take a life of its own, even go viral, and bring increase to a website far beyond expectations.


So, if you want to see such exponential returns to your business as well, begin your content marketing strategy for 2021, and see your site take on a new year headstrong.