“ Technology that reduces contact and speedup transactions is the key part of a restaurant business to survive amid pandemic.” 

Well, the above saying perfectly fits the current situation. People are confined in their houses and not allowed to step out of the home; the restaurant industry is bearing huge losses. When a natural disaster like Corona strikes, you are forced to shut the doors of your restaurant for a little while or adopt a new business model to come out of this crisis. Due to the corona pandemic, many restaurants are experiencing financial burdens as they can not avoid certain kinds of fixed costs such as rent, employees’ salary, etc. 

The restaurant is the only industry that has never seen a recession as people like to taste new food and drinks. But today the restaurant and dining out culture are witnessing more recent challenges as people no longer wish to visit the crowded place due to the fear of virus spread. 

If you are one of those business owners who want to open a restaurant but unaware of the guidelines and other essential things, here we have prepared a list that you take into consideration while reopening your restaurant doors. It will keep your restaurant business afloat and encourage customers to visit your restaurant again and again. 

How Will Restaurant Reopen After The Pandemic

The restaurant industry is facing unique challenges in the battle against the Corona pandemic, and they are not allowed to reopen restaurants due to virus spread. Here we have listed important things that entrepreneurs should consider as it will enable them to generate revenue and keep their business afloat during outbreaks. 

However, they have to make necessary changes in their existing business model, but it will keep the restaurant running smoothly amid and after COVID-19.

# Online Ordering Booming 

More than 60% of US diners order food online at least once a week and more than 35% of people use food delivery apps, it is no more shocking that restaurants are going digital and the concept of cloud kitchen will continue to pop up.

During the pandemic, the majority of people order food via apps, and it is beneficial for the restaurants as they can drive more customers and increase their revenue. This is why numerous restaurants have admitted that they have experienced significant growth in the last few months since they started getting more orders online through apps. 

No doubt, restaurant walking traffic and online reservation may have dropped down, but in the US, Canada, ASEAN countries, and Canada online orders and doorstep deliveries are booming. People are avoiding crowds, and who does not like to enjoy restaurant-quality food delivered to their doorstep? As online delivery orders increase, the share of takeaway has also increased though people can travel a short distance to visit places and pick up their orders.

As per the report from Citi Research, here you can see in most countries people will continue to use food delivery apps even after the pandemic ends. (source)

With restaurants closing, people who need to order food are using online food delivery apps such as Zomato, UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, JustEat, and much more. These habits will be likely to continue because it offers comfort and keeps people safe from virus spread. 

Food delivery apps already enthuse generation Z consumers as they provide quality food cooked in a virtual kitchen and home-delivered. On the other hand, restaurants may also want to deploy ubereats clone script as they don’t need large capital for investment to meet consumer demand.

# Contactless Delivery and Payment

Contactless delivery and payment both are trending words these days, so let’s see what that means. 

Contactless Delivery

The meaning of contactless delivery is the same as what it sounds like.

Contactless delivery has become the new norm to deliver food to customers. At the time of ordering food, customers can opt for the contactless delivery option; however, this option is only applicable to prepaid users. With contactless delivery options, restaurants can ensure the safety of their delivery providers as well as customers and maintain social distancing during this challenging time. It can be done in three ways:

  1. Through image capture
  2. Through OTP
  3. And through online payment 

The delivery executive will drop off the food package at the doorstep. 

Contactless Payment 

Digital payment and mobile wallet systems have been around for years and attracting more people because it gets rid of people to carry huge cash while making certain transactions. Now the technology is being used to reduce a physical touch, offering a digital payment option improves customer safety and lets potential customers know their safety is a top priority for the restaurants.

As per the recent report from Statista, there are around 2.6 billion smartphone users; this is why mobile payment platforms have been developing at a rapid pace. As a restaurant business owner, you might be interested in the benefits contactless payments provide you. Many of these include:

  1. Reduce payment fees
  2. Improve customer experience
  3. No risk of missing out
  4. Safe, secure, and swift transactions

# Put Social Distancing and Contactless Methods at Place

With restaurants reopening, it is necessary you have strong safety measures in place to enforce social distancing in your restaurant business. Here we have mentioned several practices that encourage guests to visit your restaurant again and again without any fear. Here we go. 

  1. All servicing staff should be wearing masks and gloves. 
  2. Make sure your restaurant place allows the 6-feet spacing between customers if you have counter service. You can also set up barriers if customers forget to maintain distance. 
  3. Reduce the number of dining tables and arrange them at a certain distance. 
  4. Make sure each table and dishes are sanitized when it is cleaned for the next customer.
  5. If possible use digital menu ordering or disposable paper menus 

Above are the mandatory safety guides you need to follow while reopening your restaurant. 

Final Thoughts

Corona Outbreak may change the restaurant industry, but once people start to visit restaurants again, owners can leverage advanced technology to build customer loyalty and find new ways to entertain guests with safety measures. Like any other industry, the restaurant industry is also experiencing a new world, but the adoption of digital payment methods, online ordering systems, and self-service machines are likely to flourish in the future in the restaurant business.