Are blog posts still relevant in 2020 when video streaming is already the norm and podcasts are stealing the show? The answer is yes! In fact, in this very saturated digital world, blogging in 2020 is more important than ever.

Below, I will share some of the most important reasons why having a blog is essential for your business, and how to implement them to grow traffic.

1. Textual, Written Content Is Still Relevant

Yes, video is engaging and has been the undisputed king for the past couple of years or so. However, text-based content is still very powerful. It might not be as ‘sophisticated’ as video or as edgy as the recently emerging podcasts, but text content almost always works.

Admit it, with how fast mobile technology is these days, we all —ironically— have less time to consume content, and the uniqueness of textual content is we can choose on how how much time we’d want to invest on it: we might skim blog posts (or even use the ctrl+f function to find relevant information), or we can actually invest some time and read the whole thing. We can easily stop reading a blog post and resume it later before bed—without much issue—-, you get the gist.

In short, the textual content is very versatile, and at the same time very accessible. From the production point of view, it’s (obviously) easier to develop text content compared to podcasts (which often rely on having skilled hosts and storytellers) and videos (with the difficult videography).

So, yes, text content is still relevant, if not even more relevant than ever.

2. The Best Way To Let Google Recognize Your Business

People use Google now more than ever with over 3 billion searches per day, but we can’t say the same thing is happening with website traffic: fewer people are visiting websites now compared to social media platforms.

Part of this is because Google incorporated featured snippets as the results for certain queries, allowing people to get the required information without visiting any site—this is why they are known as zero-click search—. However, the fact remains that Google is still the most important way people can learn about new businesses, including your business.  

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So, yes, how people are using the internet has significantly changed, but at the same time, we have to embrace the importance of Google. Having a (high quality) blog remains the most effective way to rank on Google SERP (through SEO), and you can’t get featured as a rich snippet without any content.

To summarize, yes, Google has changed from an actual search engine to an all-in-one service that tends to keep the traffic on its own platforms, but no matter what, being featured on Google is still relevant. Blogging is the most effective way to get recognized (and ranked) by Google.

3. The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Still connected to the above: it’s now harder to get people to visit our website. But on the other hand, getting people to visit our site and getting them to submit a sign-up form remains the most effective way to generate leads and boost sales.

It’s worth noting, however, that Google’s featured snippets simply can’t cover everything. It can’t, for example, provide sufficient information about a healthy diet program, you still need to click and enter the website to view the information.

start a blog
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Blogging—by publishing high-quality content—, remains the most effective way to attract website visitors via what’s called the content marketing strategy: put valuable information that is needed by your audience, and they’ll stumble upon it sooner or later.

4. A Centered Knowledge Resource For Your Business

With the number of blog posts, social media posts, and videos we have published every day, fragmented and scattered information is now the norm.

A proper blog, on the other hand, can provide your business with a structured, center of resources and information related to your business, which can provide a lot of benefits in the long run.

When, for example, someone is interested in your product or service, they can check your blog to check whether you are a credible business. In this era of cancel culture, it’s important to keep a structured place to keep your track record, and your blog can be just that place.

5. Creating a Community

The secret to building a sustainable business in this hyperconnected world is to connect with your tribe, a marketing concept popularized by Seth Godin. However, nowadays the tribes are no longer local or regional but global, interconnected by social media and the internet in general.

Your blog can and should be a place where your existing customers can gather— paired with your social media profiles, obviously—, and talk about and of your brand, product and/or service.

This can be a good place to maximize customer retention, while at the same time gather customer insights to improve your product or service.

6. Blog Post Can Work With Other Content Medium

Yes, we have discussed the benefits of blogging of business, but who said that we can’t use other content media like videos, infographics, and podcasts?

Neil Patel, for example, has a blog that diversifies between textual posts, videos (via embedded YouTube) and podcasts. You can also, for instance, create a long-form textual post with a video in the middle—to prolong engagement—, then insert an infographic, later on, to further maximize dwell time.
Give your audience some versatility in how they should invest their time, and they will value your brand more.

End words

Yes, blogging is still relevant and essential for any business, but it’s very important to understand that blogging—and content marketing in general— is not a get-rich-quick scheme and the keys to success are consistency and persistence.

Regularly publish high-quality blog posts, and promote them properly. The main idea is to establish your business’s credibility by being valuable source information, and attract your ideal audience to your blog to convert them into leads—and ultimately, customers—.