Webinars are a perfect opportunity to attract, inform, and package your software as a solution to your audience’s problem. If done right, it can get the participants to sign up for years of software and take your business to great heights.

You’ve heard of SaaS companies like Hubspot, Salesforce and Kissmetrics, right?

They used webinars to grow their reputation.

Now it’s your turn.

Use the following strategies to acquire clients for your SaaS startup through webinars.

A Budget-Friendly Way to Promote Your Business

You may not believe it, but webinars are affordable to create once you have the necessary tools to run them. These include reliable internet, a microphone-enabled computer, and an account (free in most cases) with a webinar tool. 

Facebook Live is one such platform.

That’s all you need to get going, though you may have to spend more once you decide to upgrade to more polished presentations. 

At that point, you will invest in a high-quality microphone, professional webinar software, and a sharper video camera.

However, webinars remain a budget-friendly marketing option even if you upgrade. 

The content you produce can be used in a wide variety of ways, helping you cut costs as you continue to acquire customers. 

Each recorded webinar can be used repeatedly to attract more clients to your SaaS, and the content can even be repurposed for YouTube, or turned into blog posts.

Its glow may fade gradually the more the recorded version is reused, but by the time it loses its luster, you will have acquired enough clients through it to justify the production expenses.

Give webinars a serious consideration if you are looking for a budget-friendly way to promote your business.

Growing Your Email List

Hosting a webinar will expand your pool of email subscribers. Every new viewer that signs up for your webinar presentation is another potential customer.

It’s best if the form requires each subscriber to opt for the email enrolment while signing up. Once you get permission to inbox them, you have a way to reach out to them with your products or services.

By getting their email upfront, you avoid having to wait for them to watch your webinars to get the information you need. By and by, your SaaS leads will gain ground.

Personal Touches

A webinar enables you to nurture a loyal audience by building trust between you and your customers. 

They get to hear and see you in person as you prove your thought leadership, and you get the opportunity to apply personal touches to your brand.

Your brand is no longer one of the faceless businesses or corporations that only responds to emails or calls yet makes no effort to reach out to the customers. 

Your customers get the impression that you care about them when you take the time to address their pain points. They remember you as the person who helped them acquire new knowledge to address their problems.

Meanwhile, you answer their queries in person or through your representative. Soon, after a couple of webinars, new customers will start joining the interaction, and your SaaS will grow fast.

Understanding Your Audience

Through these periodic webinar interactions, you get to know your audience better. Therefore, you can figure out how to package your services or products to suit their needs. 

The better you serve their needs, the more they feel appreciated. As a result, they talk about your brand to others, who, in turn, become part of your audience.

You can only prepare well for the next webinar if you understand what your audience thinks or wants, based on the last one’s performance. 

Hence, listen to your audience, even as you educate them. Avoid coming across as a know-it-all, as you may put off prospective customers. 

Some viewers will subscribe to your service after watching three to four of your webinars and even their signing up is no guarantee they won’t cancel. Therefore, you have to continually provide value while coming across as approachable.

Nurturing and Persuading the Fence-Sitters

There are the reluctant leads who, for their own reasons, may take time before buying your product or service. 

A webinar presentation is a perfect opportunity to subtly convince them to place an order. They may have subscribed and signed up, and they may watch each webinar yet ultimately do nothing about it. Such viewers are what’s known as fence-sitters. 

You have to use your webinar well to nudge these fence-sitters towards making a decision that favors your business.

It is up to you to make fair use of the 30 or so minutes that you have to interact with them. You need the clients who take action, not just viewers.

How Do You Run a Successful Webinar?

To run a successful webinar that can help you acquire more clients for a SaaS start-up, you need event-hosting skills. Try to follow the below format:

Introduction and Welcome (5-10 Minutes)

Do not rush into what you have to offer the moment you go live; take the first 5-10 minutes to make the right introduction and welcome your audience. 

Start by introducing yourself. Let them hear you describe yourself and why you think they should give you their attention. 

After all, chances are there will be new prospects present, and even if you believe everyone knows you, or should, it’s a good idea to remind them of why you offer value.

Highlight your professional background and experience. How do you qualify to represent that particular SaaS brand?

Mention the brand itself. How successful is your brand, and for how long has it been in the market? This will add credibility to your words while also positioning your business top of mind.

Then, ask in general where each viewer is from. Shifting focus on them will make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Moreover, from this information, you can figure out how to meet their specific needs based on their geographical location. For instance, it can help you choose the most relevant examples to support your claims during the presentation.

Highlight the Day’s Topic (5-10 Minutes)

Let your audience know what to expect from the day by giving them an overview of the presentation. 

Explain to them why the presentation is essential and how they stand to benefit from it.

The audience wants to be sure there is value in listening to you. Find ways to keep them hooked. 

You can promise a special gift like a discount for those who remain glued to the end of the webinar session.

Teach Them (30 minutes)

After you have set the stage and taken hold of your viewers’ attention, educate them. Offer your best content and make sure they don’t get bored.

Stick to the basics, and offer examples that are most useful to their lines of work.

Be straightforward in your presentation. Avoid using too much industry jargon, and check in with your audience from time to time throughout the presentation to make sure they are following.

Your presentation should be interactive and feature pairwork and other activities where your audience can apply the knowledge you’ve shared on practical examples.

Spin the Web (10 Minutes)

After you have provided value, it is now time to extend the bait to the audience. 

You should not be too obvious about your intentions; tactfully and in an emotionally compelling way, explain why your service is essential.

Let them see the problem before them and the perfect solution you have on offer. 

Imprint it upon your viewers that they have to make the decision urgently. If they postpone their decision, things may get out of hand, or the price may shoot up, etc. 

Be persuasive and close the deal.

Open Q&A (10 Minutes)

Never bolt out the moment you feel you have said your part and achieved your goals. You want to avoid seeming as though you are in a hurry to leave.

Stick around to answer their questions. Listen to what they have to say about the presentation or any questions they might have about your services.

They will appreciate the effort you put in to provide advice, and you might end up with some ideas on how to improve your future offer.

Wrap Up

Webinars may be affordable, but it requires hard work and dedication, so do not treat it like a walk in the park.

Passion and a strong character are the way to an engaged audience. You must have the ability to listen and answer questions with confidence, and the results are sure to follow.