30 06, 2016

10 Essential Keys to Building a Startup That Won’t Fail (Lessons From 4 Successful Business Giants)

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  According to this report, 90% of all startups crash after the first five years. Horrible, right? I know the feeling. Imagine having to lose your business in less than five years despite all you invested in it. I’m sure

25 06, 2016

How to Create A Powerful Startup Mission Statement

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The debate over the importance of a mission statement for businesses has been going on for a long time. The answer to this debate lies not in the importance or irrelevance of the mission statement. But in a right understanding

19 06, 2016

10 Incredible Business Ideas for Busy Students

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Most students don’t know which business they could do with their limited time. Some are new to business in general.  Well, I have some good news. You can still start and run a business even though you are a student

10 06, 2016

12 Weekend Business Ideas for the Busy Professionals

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I know a lot of busy professionals who would give anything to start a business by the side, but don’t have the time to do so. Is that your story? What if I told you that there are profitable businesses

5 06, 2016

6 Business Ideas for Book Lovers

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To turn your hobby into a business has been advice that has been around for a while, and many have successfully implemented this idea. The idea behind this advice is that if you are passionate enough about something, then you

27 05, 2016

9 Non-Negotiable Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Join a Mastermind Group

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  You need to join a mastermind group! You should have even done it yesterday. Yes, time is running out. You want to know why you should join a mastermind group? Fine, I will tell you. But let me ask,

25 05, 2016

6 Daily Routines for Success in Your Startup

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Credit “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine”. So says John Maxwell. This is fine in a general sense, but does it apply

23 05, 2016

7 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Startup

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If you have a startup, then you must be worried about the rate at which most other startups fail. I have been too, and I have clearly outlined why most startups fail, and the dumb mistakes every startup must avoid. But

19 05, 2016

10 Crucial Steps Before You Move From Employee To Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Are you toying with the idea of transitioning from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur? Do you want to take the risk and be your own boss? Are you tired of helping other people grow their own businesses, and