As the name suggests this is the oldest & widest form of marketing which creates no doubt in the buyer’s mind about the product or service. Word of mouth marketing is not only about getting valuable consumers(the definition of consumers can be wide and far-reaching) but about getting good raving fans with legendary customer service. It is an unpaid form of promotion where the consumers tell their known about the product, service or business. 

The latest was used by the multinational company ‘Coca-cola’ by sharing a word with coke. They rebrand their logo by replacing one side of the bottle with the simple phrase ‘Share a coke with’ followed by any person’s name. But unfortunately, some companies have this strategy to get the most out of it. 

Here are some proven techniques of Word of Mouth marketing that can help to grow your business at its maximum.

share a coke


Encourage consumer-generated media.

Encourage your customers to engage more with your brand on social media by creating user-friendly contests such as fun quiz, polls, etc. Then get prospective consumers to share your contests or quiz through a shareable hashtag marketing as it is a great way to boost sales and searchability of your content through marketing.

hashtag marketing



Reviews and testimonials

Using consumers reviews and testimonials is the easiest way of pulling word of mouth recommendations onto your site or social feed. Look on your website related to your business for reviews or testimonials and see what people are saying about your brand. Post them on social media along with the link of the original review to identify the reviewer to improve the post’s credibility.


Freebies and Incentives

In this busy world, no one has the time to take a break and review the product until and unless you attract them by providing incentives for an honest opinion about the business, you can launch a referral program to do that. It does not cost an arm and a leg but just a welcoming gift for an honest opinion as shoppers love the free stuff and one of the famous cosmetic company Sephora uses this to the best of its advantage.

You might think freebies cost more than money it’s made but the truth is I, one of the consumers of Sephora beauty products, got three products as a freebie and for the last six months I have purchased seven beauty items of Sephora and I am just one example. Truth is freebie can hook a person in and build loyalty.


Generate Trigger

It’s a strategic business choice that compels conversation. In simple words what unique should a brand do to compel people to talk about?. One of the famous examples is Double Chip’s famous chocolate chips cookies

Giving each guest a warm chocolate chip cookie when they arrive into the hotel makes a great impact on the customer experience. People talk about DoubleTree cookies all the time, which is one of the reasons why the company doesn’t have to spend a lot of money advertising.

So Word of mouthing tends to incorporate two key components

  • Create something buzzworthy.
  • Encourage the buzz.

Importance of Word of Mouthing Marketing.

It is incredibly important as it one of the traditional and currently the strongest marketing tactics for any marketer. A newly launched product or business may fail with bad word of mouth marketing tactics. Due to the popularity and penetration of the internet and social media rises, it has been becoming more and more important for all brands.

It is equally important for small businesses or local firms and even large investment businesses. Say for instance 


When the Tata company launched the Nano car, it was a super fit for its brand image because people called it ‘Poor man car’.


The effect of negative word of mouthing.

Negative word of mouth is very devastating for any business. In this internet and social media era where good word of mouthing promotes the business with potential consumers with the recommendation. However, a bad word of mouth means consumers stopping potential consumers from buying the product or service. It has a huge impact on the bottom line or profits of any organization. In E-commerce, it immediately results in a drop in sales. For instance-

People generally go to a movie hall on the basis of the review made by a one who has already seen that particular movie or lately on the basis of critics’ opinions. In fact, a big-budget film fails due to bad-mouthing and I can prove it. A highly anticipated, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is officially one of the worst-reviewed big budget-movies of all time and it failed miserably.


Tools of the word of mouth marketing

Specific tools to get good word of mouth marketing are as follows

  • Quality– Better the quality of the product, better will be the word of mouthing and more will be the consumers leading high profit-making business.
  • Unique service– Amazing service supported by amazing staff gives people a reason to rave. Obviously, the product needs to be strong but it is as important as the staff interacting with new customers and clients is top-notch.       

          This is one happy staff.          


  • Become an industry thought leader.

Want to get people to talk about you? Establish yourself as an industry thought leader which requires considerable thought on your part which you need to engage in dialogue with existing industry leaders and power players while being up to date with latest industry news. It is not an easy way to take but it can provide you the long term benefits of becoming an industry leader.


  • Create a good name for your company


design referral program

People appreciate businesses that are honest and fair. No slimy tactics here. Grow your reputation by being responsible and respectful of your customers.

 Treating them right. Don’t try to trick your customers.


  • Be Socially responsible

The desired company can only get success through Word of mouth Marketing if the business considers Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) into Word of Mouth marketing. The business utilizes CSR which not only benefits the society and environment but also to accomplish various strategic objectives and gain competitive advantage. It has also been seen that the company following CSR influenced trust and loyalty and that trust and loyalty had a positive influence on the Word of Mouth  Marketing.


Word of Mouth Marketing is a powerful tool, but for some small and medium scale businesses, it can be tough to wield. Convincing customers enthusiastic about your brand requires stellar service, a unique identity, a solid reputation, and a thriving community. Above all, put your consumers first and deliver above and beyond what you promise. Surprising clients with your awesomeness will ensure they spread the word of your biz all across the land.